Fabulous wash performance and no-dye-lot solids make this large skein ideal for blankets afgans, accessories and more. stashes (13) pattern ideas. I love how soft Caron Simply Soft is but my other projects still come out just about as soft … Add your yarn and let it soak in the water for at least an hour. It's about 7 feet by 5 feet. This is a 100% acrylic, machine washable and dryable yarn. It comes in economical 200g & 400g balls. Fill your tub with cool water and add 1/4 to 1/3 cup of white vinegar to the water. (Dont ask me how I know this :( ). As someone that has collected, and been gifted, yarn over the years....we have a lot of this type of yarn. Super Saver is not the best yarn to make finer knit garment and accessories because it is not silky soft (Red Heart Soft and With Love are better suited). I strongly suggest washing the yarn before you do your project and after the project is completed if you're using the multi colors by Red Heart. Go to Product: Red Heart Soft Yarn (141 G/5 OZ) product-sales-pricee $5.39 null . Each Super Saver Jumbo skein is the size of two skeins of the regular Super Saver, so you have half as many ends to weave in. I've seen it but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. Just take your lingerie bags and toss them in the washer with a load of laundry. I'm an avid knitter year around! At least this much per 4 oz hank. editing. Put some cheap conditioner on the yarn and gently rub/pat/push it, and risk knots. It's just washed Red Heart yarn that's soft now. Gauge: 8 to 10 Ply this yarn varies with its thickness Drain your tub and gently roll the yarn to get any extra water out of it. Or you could just wash your piece without the 'potential danger stuff'! Just leave it alone for a few hours or so and it should be good. We are producing 100% cotton yarn of several counts ranging from 10/s up to 40/s for knitting and weaving.yarn exporter in Pakistanstandard textile Mills Pakistan. However, the yarn labels say Super Saver Accent, so it has its own entry on Ravelry. Two days later and it was like a totally different brand. colorways. It's scratchier than the solids in my opinion. While it's running I add another cap full (or 2) to the water as it's filling the tub. :). This medium weight has been America’s bestselling yarn for over seventy years! Very informative! For finished products, you can throw them in the dryer until dry (do not over heat your project) or hang outside/in bathroom until dry. details. Thanks for sharing :). ... View all Red Heart Soft Essentials Stripes Yarn -Clearance Shades* 2 Shades Available Red Heart Soft Yarn 212 yd. Red Heart Super Saver Worsted Yarn 4 Acrylic 7 oz in Soft Navy NEW. So a load of blankets/sheets or towels would do. Red Heart® Super Saver® Yarn Economy Size is an established classic yarn for knitters and crocheters that is widely distributed. $4.59. I always wondered "how to" soften Red Heart yarn . Viewing as a guest user. This is wonderful. Personal Comparison from before and after washing on a scratchy scale of 1-10. Amethyst, Aruba Sea, Aran, Baby Pink, Black, Blue, Blue Suede, Bright Yellow, Buff, Claret, Coral, Cornmeal, Carrot, Cafe Latte, Charcoal, Cherry Red, Country Blue, Coffee, Dark Orchid, Delft Blue, Denim, Dusty Grey, Flame, Frosty Green, Gold, Grenadine, Grey Heather, Hot Red, Honeydew, Hunter Green, Lavender, Lemon, Light Blue, Light Grey, Light Raspberry, Light Periwinkle, Light Sage, Medium Thyme, Minty, Jade, Paddy Green, Pale Yellow, Perfect Pink, Pretty Pink, Pool, Pumpkin, Ranch Red, Real Teal, Shocking Pink, Soft Navy, Soft White, Tea Leaf, Turqua, White, Warm Brown, Spring Green, Pale Plum, Medium Purple, Petal Pink, Flamingo, Orchid, Burgundy, Glow Worm, Royal, Oatmeal, Saffron. THanks so much for taking the time to try this out and post it as a tutorial! You don't want to mess with the yarn so much as you want to get the water into the yarn. "Baking soda helps to regulate the pH level in the laundry rinse water by keeping it from being too acidic or alkaline. Let's continue being poor together and make a substitute. If you don't have one, go buy one. Yarn; Viewing as a guest user. I can't wait to use it on this sweater I'm making when finished!!!! Over the next few months I looked up a billion different ways to soften acrylic fiber. Felt like i was reading myself lol great blog attitude :) Www.trulyyourscrochet.blogspot.com. Sadness! Thank you! Don't try to get it damp by wringing it, it'll still be soaking wet but don't mind that. I can't have a smell like that in the prayer shawls in case people have asthma or other issues.