Stocking Catfish in Pond. i have been in this business but not success and i was happy reading from yours is a good one pls help me out with your good methods and the best feeds one can use. They are cheap and less expensive to maintain. Ask your contractor to remove the mud in your pond and add to its depth; instead of asking for a de-mud, you can ask your contractor to make your pond 1ft deeper; this is the best option, since a deeper pond is always better for catfishes. Channel catfish were cultured for 177 days in circular tanks containing 1.6 m 3 of water at combinations of five stocking densities (90–720 fish/m 3) and five water exchange rates (2.0–0.5 h per exchange). Once your pond is prepared and ready, the next step is to treat it. If you’re yet to dig your pond, an ideal pond for stocking 1,500 fishes from Juvenile till 6 months maturity should be about 15m x 15m, or approximately 50ft by 50ft. Ask your contractor to just remove the mud in your pond; this is the easiest way out. 11 Likes 4 Shares. This research was conducted using the same feeding regime and stocking density to determine the effect of using two different fish rearing facilities (earthen pond and concrete tank) of the same size (9m x 9m x 1.4 m) each on the profitability of fish raised to market size in six months. Please can a concret fish farm be within a roofed and enclosed building? Net yield increased as stocking density increased up to 540 fish/m 3 then declined at higher densities. Powered by WordPress & Theme by Anders Norén, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). If a lot of water is coming from an external source, maybe a stream or river, then the water pressure is usually high due to the continuous flow of water pushing it forward. Posted in Catfish Farming, Fish Farming, Mobile Ponds, Ponds, Stocking Density Tagged catfish, concrete ponds, Mobile ponds Leave a comment. Concrete Pond: Length * Breadth * Height *5/3 (Measurement in Feet) For the Tanks: Use the FAO standard of 10 litres to 1 fish at your peril. Growth of fishes can easily be monitored. The optimal stocking density of larval catfish is 100 per square meter. I’m a catfish farmer and also a Civil Engineer who has experience in concrete pond construction. This is just speculation, so I’m not sure. Assuming you already have a pond that you plan to use, that isn’t newly dug, or you plan to rent a pond, the next step is to “de-mud” your pond; this is basically removing the mud from your pond to make it more suitable for your fishes. Lime and teaseed po kasi ginagamit namin, pero di talaga ma eradicate totally un mga kiwit o dalag. Assuming you are using a pond that is 15m by 15m wide and 4ft deep, you can use 3 tubes of Forcetoxin to treat it; a tube usually contains 30 tablets, making it a total of 90 tablets you’ll be putting into the pond. 2008) that stocking density is not a good way of accurately predicting productivity or welfare. To find out how many square meters’ your pond is, simply multiply the width by the length and the depth then divide by 3. If you were to use manual labor, however, with an average of 4 – 5 people working for you daily, it will probably take at least 5 days to complete one 15m x 15m pond that is 4ft deep. am just a fresh graduate looking on what to do. Pond Design: Stocking density plays a huge role in the growth rate of cultured catfish. If you’re wondering how you can make your dikes taller; this can be done automatically while de-mudding your pond or while digging to make it deeper. Water quality did not statistically differ between treatments. This will take the shape of a square and should be at least 3ft deep, and could be up to 5ft deep if possible. In this article, various ways of raising catfish are identified with unique advantages of one over others. And the profitability. Just about to start. After 5 weeks 35–40 fingerlings per square meter can be harvested each weighing 2–3 gram (de Graaf et al., in press, see Annex 1). For example, social interactions include aggression resulting in physical … Two koi are not mine so they will go sometime . Water pressure; this is the force that pushes water through your pipes. i want to established a catfish farm so i need more information on it please. Thank. Over time, besides the natural habitat of fishes, researches have made us understand that catfishes are rugged type of fish. If for some reason you want to stock earlier, you can do this as well; just make sure to pump water out of the pond at least twice. I have just finished the construction of 36 units of concrete catfish ponds with a dimension of 5×5 mtrs and a depth of 1.4mtrs. Catfish and Catfish Feed Ingredient Prices, Are You Using the Right Pond? But, for those that want the short answer, use our fish stocking chart, and follow these general recommendations, starting with ponds less than 1 surface acre in size: Increase growth rates of channel catfish and bluegill through a supplemental feeding program; DO NOT encourage reproduction of channel catfish Catfishes, being aquatic animals, are raised in water environment: Anywhere there is fresh water, catfish can be cultured. The next step is to get your catfishes and put them into your ponds; this process is called “stocking”, and I’ll be talking about this in my next article in this series. Fish were fed a 28% protein diet to apparent satiation once daily. I don’t produce fingering due to many reasons… how dangerous is iron to fish survival? Thanks. Sir, may kailangan pa bang papel o permit bago ka bumili ng chemical (phostoxin)? God bless you. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Required fields are marked *. Expenditure, income and profit margin from catfish production using earthen pond and concrete tank. Fiberglass Tanks: are transparent tanks used to raise frys and fingerlings under a controlled temperature before they are transferred into the outdoor tanks. Concrete Pond. Stocking more than 100 channel catfish per acre in unfed or inconsistently fed ponds typically results in somewhat stunted catfish. Visit Profitable Fish Farming to learn directly from him! I am based in Cameroon and will need your help in acquiring quality feed and juveniles. It is easy to manage; e.g. For supplemental stocking rates please contact a representative.. Grass Carp (white amur) stocking densities will vary based on the amount of vegetation present in your pond or lake. • Limited control is exercised e.g. Calyb: @Apitch, you can not tell the actual length of a pond on an image. To be safer, even after waiting, you can pump out water from the pond and introduce new water into it to ensure the effects of the chemical used has completely wore off. Many thanks for . PLEASE THIS PLASTIC TANK THAT HAS IRON GUIDE YOU USE AS AN EXAMPLE IN PLASTIC/RUBBER TANKS CAN ACCOMMODATE HOW MANY CATFIHES TO A TABLE SIZE OF 1KILOGRAM, THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY GOD WILL INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE, Tnx for your fish advice. Increasing this stocking density does not increase the production. Department of Aquaculture, Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research, Abbassa, Abou-Hammad, Sharkia, Egypt *Corresponding Author ABSTRACT Eight 12.5 m2 concrete … When catfish is grown along with other carp fish, then the recommended fish stocking density is about 2500 to 3000/acre pond. 7 if possible have an aeration system in place. This will help to keep the minnow free from all types of diseases. Earthen ponds are created manually, or mechanically, in a carefully selected site with high water retention ability. This singular question or issue can make or mar a fish farm business. Catfish farmers often have to deal with a lot of problems, and a common problem during the rainy season is flood that can carry away your fishes. We have booked for the juveniles. The use of blocks for the construction of concrete tanks is not usually encouraged. POND MANAGEMENT SERIES AQUAGUIDE MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION Monoculture of Channel Catfish in Farm Ponds Channel catfish, one of Missouri’s most popular sport and food fish, have been stocked in ponds throughout the state. Here’s a picture of an inlet for one of my ponds; the inlet links directly to a small gutter I dug, that connects to a very small stream close by. Concrete tanks for catfishes can be constructed below or above the earth surface. I have a borehole that has very high yield of clean water. The inlet can be placed slightly higher than the outlet to ensure maximum water inflow and outflow; if you’re sure of the water pressure from where water will be entering into your inlet (assuming water is coming from a stream, from a gutter that is having water flow into it 24/7, or from another pond that is constantly supplied with water), then it is okay to have your inlet at the same level as your outlet or even slightly lower than your outlet. Required fields are marked *. These kinds of ponds are excellent at raising juveniles and brood stock. The present study demonstrated that 106 fish/m3 was the best stocking density in terms of growth, food conversion ratio, survival and production for tilapia culture in the aquaponic system. Stocking density is an important parameter of fish farming which directly affect the growth of fish and hence its production (Backiel 1978). GET PRACTICAL INFORMATION ABOUT CATFISH FARMING: Due to a VERY BUSY schedule, I haven’t been able to update the series on catfish farming or respond to comments, but I have something better for you; you can learn directly from my teacher, who has recorded up to 120% profit in 6 months. Please have concrete pond size 10ft by 10ft size,have put 1000 juveniles catfish in but I do flow through system 12hours day is good, And have brought some land in Ghana,full of water in dry season and ph was 5.5 to 5.8 what should I do in that land please need your help, please sir am about to start, just finish the construction of the pond Earthen Pond Concrete Tank Cost of fingerlings at N16.00 each N14,400.00 N14,400.00 Cost of locally made fish feed at N2,500/bag (15kg/bag) N94,700.00 N105,475.00 Fertilizer/liming/pond preparation/pond maintenance N5,000.00 N3,500.00 I have about 11 tanks of 1 metres square. i need your advise sir, Wow! I have two storex tank at my house , I don’t know if is advisable to start cat fish rearing, Your email address will not be published. Once your pond has been treated, don’t use it for up to 2 weeks; I have heard that it takes around 5 days for the effect of most chemicals used to treat ponds to wear off, but you don’t want to take any risk since we’re talking about thousands of fishes here. The final step in the preparation stage is to net your pond. The choice of land for earthen pond must take into cognizance availability of water, or at worse confirm wetlands in season and out of season. At harvest, each pond was drained to about 1/3 its full volume and the fish removed by running a wire-mesh seine through the pond. 2. Because survival of young channel catfish is poor in ponds stocked with bass and bluegill, supplemental stocking is usually necessary to maintain the catfish population. Gud pm Mr Enny, im a starter, pls how many days shd water b changed in a plastic tank of juvenile catfish and shd feeding b much? Channel Catfish Ictalurus punctatus × Blue Catfish I. furcatus hybrid fingerlings (mean weight, 47 g) were stocked in 0.4‐ha ponds at densities of 7,425, 12,375, 17,325, 22,275, and 27,225 fish/ha in three replicate earthen ponds for each density. Other factors that must be considered include soil type, soil texture and soil permeability. The ongoing activity on the farm started this year (2015) with the stocking of catfish fingerlings of about 10-g as average size at a stocking density of 6 fingerlings/m2. thank a million am so grateful for this mind blowing business knowledge and guide. Sir, if I want to start fish farming for the first time how will you advice me to do it? Prepare your pond. please i want to find out about how many concrete pond can be build on a 1000 sqm of land. That said, an excavator can easily dig two 15m by 15m ponds in a day, depending on the capacity of the machine and the skillfulness of the operator. Waste feed can easily be discovered in concrete ponds. Catfishes can be raised in almost every object that can retain fresh water in a conducive atmosphere. Just last week(6days ago) we drained off the water,treated with lime, ready for stocking but up till now the water depths is just less than a foot. How To Know the Number of Fishes A Pond Can Take? 1) Fisheries and Aquaculture Unit, Cross River Basin Development Authority, how many fingerling do I have to start with. Am Bob by name.i am interested in your professional advice on catfish rearing. How many catfish can it accommodate fingerlings to market size? Ensure Your Dike/Embankment is Very High. 2 determine the size of the pond. In this piece, we are going to focus only on earthen pond and concrete pond. Earthen Ponds: are artificial dams, reservoir, or lake constructed for different species of fishes in order to retain some features of the natural aquatic environment. 3 check out the soil composition. For supplemental stocking rates please contact a representative . Advantages of Concrete Pond over Earthen Ponds. Remove excessive clay and harmful gas before stocking the fishes. Thank you very much. Predators can be kept away or easily controlled. Construction of concrete ponds is often handled by highly skilled professionals in civil/construction engineering. 3and half ft deep. They pose no threat to the environment i.e. Earthen Ponds: are artificial dams, reservoir, or lake constructed for different species of fishes in … Please I dug this earthen pond since about two and a half months ago for catfish farming, but unfortunately the funding source was delayed. In an earthen pond(s), stock a maximum of 2 fishes per square metre. You can use your pond for cultivating only catfish or with other fish species. Your email address will not be published. If you’ll be using a tank or a concrete pond, you can skip steps 1 through 5 altogether and just jump to step 6. Billionaires’ Secret: Is Giving the Key to Wealth? Effect of Crop Stocking Ratios of Nile Tilapia, Common Carp, Silver Carp and Catfish in Polyculture in Concrete Ponds with 10 cm Clayey Loam on Growth Performance and Total Yield Abuo-sief, R. SPECIAL NOTE: The stocking rates below apply only if your pond or lake does not have an existing fish population. Fish were fed once daily to satiation for two growing seasons. They can be used to learn the art and science of fish farming. pls I need help on how to wash my concrete pond before stocking. Before treating your pond, you want to block water from going in or coming out for at least two weeks, the duration of which you will be unable to use your pond. A good inlet and outlet ensures water is escaping your pond just as it is entering it, thus preventing overflow of your pond. They can easily be moved from one place to the other. I have challenges concerning stocking density for each of the tanks. If I want water to enter into my ponds, it is as easy as blocking off the gutter so water gathers around my inlet and starts flowing in. I can’t get too technical about this since my knowledge on the different types of net is limited; I’ve heard they have “double fingers”, “four fingers” or “single finger”, etc. Here’s a picture of one of my ponds with a “good enough” dike: By ensuring the dike/embankment of your pond is big/tall enough, you can ensure that it will be very difficult for your pond to become so filled that water starts to carry your fishes away, especially during the rainy season. The common belief about catfish is that ol' Mr. Whiskers scavenges off the pond's bottom and will eat just about anything that he can swallow. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’ve also heard that lime can be effective for killing off organisms in a pond before stocking. 4 consider the method of excavation and filling . Please advise me what to do. It must also be noted that stocking capacity of pond can increase significantly if external source of water is introduced to a static pond. I am about to construct a 10ftx10ftx4ft concrete pond in Abuja. Available chemicals might differ depending on your location, and this is something you probably want to look into, but over here I use Phostoxin (a variation of which is Justoxin) to treat my ponds. Channel catfish were cultured for 177 days in circular tanks containing 1.6 m 3 of water at combinations of five stocking densities (90–720 fish/m 3) and five water exchange rates (2.0–0.5 h per exchange).Net yield increased as stocking density increased up to 540 fish/m 3 then declined at higher densities. Catfish needs clear clean water without contaminants to thrive. Tarpaulin/Synthetic Leather Ponds: are dug like an earthen pond but the walls are lined with a form of rubber/leather carpet to prevent water percolation. However, the choice of pond type to use depends largely on factors like land availability, convenience, purpose of raising fish, water resources, and scale of production among others. For this reason there is substantial evidence (Turnbull et al. The optimal stocking density of larval catfish is 100 per square meter. counting, sorting, sales and other management practices. 5. Example . The stocking density that allows good predation of tilapia offspring is 0.5-1 catfish: 2 tilapia. Stocking; this basically means introducing juvenile catfishes into your pond. Over here in Nigeria, depending on your area, you could have manual laborers dig a 15m x 15m pond that is 4ft deep for around N120,000 – N150,000; that’s around $500 – $700 at the time of writing this. Experience shows that the fish always hangs when you use that stocking density. This is the stocking density factor expressed as kg/m3 or lbs/ft3 depending on which side of the planet you are on. The last thing you want is for them to start feasting on your baby catfishes as soon as they are introduced into the pond. Nice job boss please what is the average cost for feeding 1000 fishes from juvenile to market size? Advantages of Earthen Pond over Other Types of Ponds. TIP: Because adult bass can eat channel catfish less than 8 inches in length, ponds with an existing bass population should only be stocked with channel catfish that are larger than 8 inches. CATFISH FARMING IN NIGERIA: CULTURE SYSTEMS CONSTRUCTION AND ... • Stocking density • Feeding regime • Water quality management • Disease control/treatment • Marketing/sales ... • CONCRETE PONDS • MOBILE FISH POND SYSTEMS • CAGE AND PEN CULTURE SYSTEMS 17:43. A. Concrete ponds are must popular in urban areas where catfish farming are practiced. Dike; a mound of earth/soil that is built round your pond to prevent water from overflowing; it is also called an embankment. Information from the source… I’m gonna tell all of my farmer friends about you trust me. Just give this information to your contractor; tell him the shape of the pond, the width/length as well as the depth. It ensures the quality of your water; bad/polluted water can reduce the response of your catfishes to feeding by up to 70%, which in turn affects their growth. Plastic/Rubber Tanks: are of different sizes specifically manufactured for raising catfishes. Here’s a picture of a pond I did some serious “sandbag work” on; you’ll easily see the arrangement of the sandbags at one side of the pond: The next step is to make sure there is an inlet and outlet for your pond; this often comes in form of a pipe through which water can enter and go out of your pond. Catfish Fingerlings (minnow) and their Density in the Pond:- Select high quality catfish seedlings (minnow) of 2 to 3 inch size from the fish hatchery.