Make sure you’re clear about what you need. Each stage comes with a series of difficult and complicated emotions. Don't feel like you need to quickly move on or hide your pain from friends and family. Having an open, rational dialogue with your spouse will go a long way to maintaining the peace. We don't have to fear conflict: conflict is the clay from which we sculpt our future - but if conflict is necessary, let's make it productive and focused. Don't be afraid to pause, call a "timeout" and gather your thoughts before responding. Even if money is an issue, there are clinics and counseling and places available to help ease the transition. Forgive yourself by learning from the past and then focusing on the present and future. The one thing that I think I would change is how and when we told our children. 1. I signed certain things because my attorney said, "trust me," without explaining what I was really signing. They would need a cast, possibly surgery, and crutches, right? Turn all documentation over to your attorney and be sure to keep a copy for yourself. More generally, Ricci's book is still one of the best practical guides for getting through a divorce. It’s easy to get caught up in focusing on the reasons the marriage doesn’t work and the here and now challenges of navigating the logistical and emotional upheaval of divorce. Stay put! Find someone to emotionally support you – a friend, a therapist – so you can stay connected to the person you want to be even in the face of intense divorce emotions and tough decisions. Either way you look at it, there’s inevitably a level of emotion and grief with divorce, even if you are the one filing or requesting for one. This does not mean giving them the details of someone’s infidelity, but assuring them they will continue to have two parents who will work together to raise them and make sure they live full and happy lives. This can be very challenging to do when you are very angry. The legal method (using lawyers and litigating) is a gamble because the decision of the court is dependent upon financial data provided by the attorneys. Well, every person going through a divorce is broken, in a way. "As a man, I took a long time to let my family and friends know that there was a problem. I am happy I chose to mediate because during the entire process, I was completely in control of the settlement outcome and also very sure of what the cost of settlement would be. It is a common mistake to jump to conclusions about what you want before you have all the information. It helps take out emotion from decision making and a person can think more clearly. You will be better off on the other side if you navigate your divorce in a manner that puts your best foot forward. If you are smart people, you can accomplish the discussions timely and cost-effectively with the guidance of a good mediator.". Language can be hurtful, demeaning, and misunderstood or it can be uplifting, freeing and create peace. After all, a divorce must be filed with the courts in order for it to be granted. 3. Get your own credit cards. In an instant, their divorce plans came to a screeching halt. They imagine that things will be much better once its complete. When faced with divorce, many people are overwhelmed and unprepared for the roller coaster of feelings and disorientation that dramatic change brings. Choose an attorney who has at least five years experience practicing family and divorce law and consider choosing an attorney who leans toward a collaborative approach during divorce. The loss of a partner can feel like losing a limb. Poor or lack of preparation can affect asset division, debt division, child support, child custody, spousal support, and almost all other aspects of the divorce. They kept me going even when I felt utterly lost and helpless. If people are coming to you [Cheryl] and Joe for mediation before bringing in attorneys, I'd say they are off to a good start and I've even recommended you both to others that have been going through similar situations. Focus on the future and your desire to have a peaceful divorce, to protect your children, and to be able to look in the mirror at the end of each day and know you have comported yourself with dignity and grace through this difficult time. Additionally, incorporating activities such as meditation and yoga can help explore and increase the mind-body connection. It helps a person prepare for a divorce and feel less vulnerable. Most children are highly attuned to their parents. - the divorce process is so much easier. Divorce preparation isn’t easy but it is advisable to pack your things beforehand. It is all too often that this is done by one of the partners, leaving the other without any knowledge of the couple’s financial picture. Change your paradigm from a romantic relationship to a business relationship. The decisions you’ll need to make during the divorce process will affect you and your children for years to come, so don’t get bogged down in fighting over semantics or trying to be right. Lessen the sting of that news gradually by setting aside several times to talk about your unhappiness and thoughts of divorce before he’s about to be handed papers. 3. Examine what your post marriage life will look like in terms of coming and going. If you are able to make decisions based on logic and not emotions, the divorce process may feel less painful and stressful. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you attempt to resolve issues through mediation before going on to “fight” in a divorce arena. Never bad-mouth the other parent in any way. There is no difference. Get enough and the right kind of emotional support. Try to develop a vision which you are moving towards in your separate life. But if you're using credit to supplement your income, moving forward with divorce is only going to make a tight situation tighter. The budget prep [required for the divorce process] is absolutely horrendous and overwhelming, and can easily escalate to shock and blame, so the more attention that can be paid BEFOREHAND to having easily accessible and attentive, well-kept records, the better, faster, and smoother that process will be. Seek a therapist to explore potential feelings of anger and injustice instead of seeking to punish your ex through the divorce process. Divorces are difficult, even when prepared for. Don’t assume that your divorce case cannot be handled through the mediation or collaborative divorce process because the two of you aren’t amicable and have trust issues. And that forgiveness begins with acknowledging that you cannot change the past. Something like that - depending on their age. A therapist can coach you on ways to talk to your children and strategies to keep contact with the absent parent as consistent as possible. 2. Consider not doing a divorce, per se, but doing a dissolution of marriage. Find support systems outside of your partner. But in reality, all it does is create expense. Instead of saying "I want the house" or "I think this much support is the right amount," consider all the options before you make a decision. Offer to close the accounts by paying a smaller amount than is owed. Being aware and in control of your emotions allows you to be goal-oriented in a difficult process. That’s how you end up with agreements that aren’t in your best interests or worse yet, simply can’t be executed. The spouse receiving papers usually has emotional work to do before he can come to terms with the divorce. Any divorce-related decision made out of anger, resentment or bitterness can lead to an increase in stress, tension, and overall emotional strain. It's a lot easier to navigate where you are going when you've got a clear and documented picture of where you've been. Recognize and respect the wide range of emotions your child has regarding the divorce. Instead of your divorce becoming a war with a devastating price tag, it can be a cost-effective negotiation between the very two people whose lives will be impacted by the settlement: you and your spouse. Divorce in and of itself already hurts enough without there being additional anxiety when anything is perceived to be unfair; this is where you [Cheryl] and Joe really helped with your insights because you lay out the facts and experiences that bring clarity to the situation in the fairest of ways.". If you are not able to pay off or come to a settlement agreement regarding the balance owed, you should have the accounts frozen. Couple’s therapy may sound counter-intuitive in this phase of the relationship, however, seeking professional help for either both of you together or each of you individually, even if it’s a support group, can help sort out many of the ongoing feelings and emotional distress you may be having. Divorce is always more complicated than you think and new laws that affect a divorce can change all the time. But you cannot afford to “ghost” out of a marriage when you have kids and property to divide. You need a clear head. Once you have a credit card in your name, use is sparingly and make sure you are able to pay it off each month. If it can’t be done, make sure you have an attorney who is capable and willing to litigate your case before a judge. "I think my ex and I made the right decision to mediate our divorce. The more you spend on your divorce, the less money you'll have to care for your children and start your new life. Or you can mediate your divorce. Meet with other important financial professionals to prepare for your divorce. A parent can set up a time where they sit down with their child at the same time every week and let the child know that it’s a time for them to talk about how they feel unfiltered and nothing needs to be done. To make the process smooth and fast as possible you will need to hire an experienced divorce attorney. ", "I would have gotten my kids in counseling right after we told them we were getting divorced.". There’s a lot of grief in divorce - for everyone - and sadness can get expressed in many ways. If you did that, you now have to figure out what to do with them. Anger, resentment, blame, etc. Negative self-talk and intense emotions will be part of the divorce process. Having someone jump out of the bushes to slap papers in their hands – or worse, having them served divorce papers in front of their work colleagues – can create extra conflict and stress. If you and your spouse are preparing to begin a divorce and have children, this is a great way to gain some valuable tips on what to do during divorce as well as what not to do in a divorce. How to Prepare for Divorce with Kids in the Picture Of course, one of your top priorities is going to be the comfort and safety of your children. It may be someone who is a good listener but doesn’t give advice or it may be someone who has a similar interest that you have and will help you get through this period. Owner at Law Offices of William L Geary CO, LPA. What is the best financial situation you can create? Many people think couples counseling is only for people who are trying to repair their marriage. Life’s too short. (Ok, you can rely on this article!) Document every penny you spend so that you can have an accounting for it during settlement negotiations or in court. It gives you a safe and secure opportunity to reflect and process the feelings that may be present or even unresolved from within the marriage. Many people misperceive counseling as a scenario in which the counselor takes sides with one person or another. Set up your own bank account. Let your partner do the same. It is always a good idea to make copies of such statements before separating and filing for divorce. NEW SECTION: Finally, in light of recent circumstances, we asked experts to share tips for how individuals and couples who were intending on starting a divorce (prior to the Coronavirus pandemic) can best deal with the stress of life on hold and sheltering-in-place with someone they no longer wish to be married to. The family unit was hardly affected and I remained amicable with my spouse throughout the process. Despite the very difficult emotions involved, I think complete openness and honesty with our children at each step along the way would have helped.". 3. No lawyers, no fighting with strangers involved... We had the tools and questions that needed to be answered and were able to answer them honestly with our children in mind.". Find ways to stay in touch with people and places which make you feel at home, and know that once on the other side of the divorce, that you will find a new sense of normal. Additionally, there are certain things you should rely on your friends for such as support, sympathy, and psychological encouragement. In divorce, regardless if it’s a mutual decision or one-sided, there is a certain amount of pain and loss that is felt in this transition no matter what. can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Either way, it is a way to release, validate and purge every and all the things you are feeling. I'm not suggesting having "blind faith" in anyone - if anything seems questionable, don't be afraid to ask questions: good professionals never fear or are offended by questions. Rather than rake yourself or your spouse over the coals, forgive your own missteps, your own blind spots, your own inability to work things out. Book an initial meeting for you and your spouse to get started! Do not hide the fact that you have done this and do not spend the money foolishly. Although no one plans on getting divorced, when they enter into marriage, there are several ways to prepare you without subconsciously planning for it. We will always be grateful to Cheryl and Joe for making that possible.". It is clear that the marital home, any financial accounts, and vehicles are assets that should be split equitably. Recovery from divorce is often an ongoing process. Keep your credit card statements, your bank statements, tax returns, receipts, and other bills. It Could Affect the Interest you Have in the Property. Be sure to make decisions that will guarantee their welfare and well-being as much as possible. If you have trouble with this and are still angry, try not to act this out through lawyers or through your children. Whether you are in the beginning stages of a divorce or somewhere in the middle, reaching out to and surrounding yourself with a professional and personal “divorce support system” aids in the logistical, legal, and emotional decisions of a divorce. Gather all documentation regarding each asset, including the present value, when and where the asset was purchased, and whether it was purchased with joint or separate funds. Do they come into the home? Maybe stay off of social media until the divorce is final. One may seek their primary support through secure and close friendships, particular faith organizations, churches, or sometimes support groups, where the individual doesn’t have any prior relationship with the group members. Keep in mind that children have one mom and one dad, they deserve parents who want the best for them - parents who can put aside their hatred of each other and shine their love on their children. And the foundation for coming to an agreement on this difficult topic is what each of your expenses are post-divorce and for how long you need support for those expenses. If you are terminating your marriage, you need an attorney who will guide you in regard to issues where there is a disagreement and who will tell you honestly what the considerations of the court will be regarding assets, debts, child-issues, support issues and retirement allocation issues. Going through a divorce is one of the top most stressful life events an individual can go through. Find things to look forward to. You will reach a better settlement and your divorce will likely take less time, be less stressful and cost less money. Surround yourself with supportive family and friends. Then, if possible, start living these principals as two separate entities right away while you're still living under the same roof, allocating money, resources, time, and effort, preferably having two separate bank accounts and budgets. The social contract between employers and employees has changed significantly over the years. When you can control your emotions, you can better prepare yourself for your divorce negotiations and approach them with a calm, level head. Remind yourself that this process is necessary to eventually recover. It will keep you focused as you navigate the decisions you’ll make and the way you interact with your partner and/or your children. From there you can begin to develop methods for healthy coping such as meditation, therapy, journaling or exercise. Even if you have to pay the minimum on accounts that you know will ultimately be your spouse’s responsibility, it will be worth it. All the money you’ll give to lawyers will be taken from your children's future, so put your own kids first.". Once we made the decision to divorce, we knew we wanted to make it happen as peacefully as possible, and once we looked into the option of mediation, we knew it was the best route for us to go. Give yourself time to grieve the loss and find better ways of communication by staying focused on the ultimate goal without letting emotions drive the course of your actions. But the overall goal of the counselor is to get the couple communicating in ways that the other person can understand. Most of the time there isn’t an urgent pressing need so beware of arbitrary deadlines that create unnecessary pressure to make decisions. Choose a More Peaceful Divorce Option. Below are some tips to help you prepare for a divorce. An individual counselor can be very helpful with this process. 2. Mediation: What's The Difference? Document well any payments you make toward the mortgage. That’s why we put together the ultimate divorce checklist which lays out the information you need to prepare for divorce. 1. Achieving this perspective may require you to access feelings and skills that you may previously have avoided or did not have. 2. Be kind to yourself and don’t let yourself become a victim to your circumstances. Rise above that sort of interaction. Mommy and Daddy will be happier when they are not living together anymore.". Consult a lawyer – As divorce is complex process, people are generally more comfortable working with a professional who is well-versed in the field. Grow up, go to school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have a family, and live happily ever after. If the situation becomes too stressful and you feel you have to move try to continue to pay a portion of the mortgage payment. Make sure all credit card bills are being paid. Putting on the perspective of the other person can help someone become more understanding and compassionate. So listen carefully to their expressions of frustration, anger and sadness about whatever it is they can talk about. I just left it up to my attorney. The act of writing will provide a sense of focus, ease your decision-making, and hold you accountable. And what divorce advice they have for others getting ready to start the divorce process with children. Not only is this more expensive, they are not getting the best help. So if you’ve made the decision to divorce or are facing divorce proceedings because your spouse has stated their intention to end the marriage, you might be wondering what first steps you should take to get through this difficult process as quickly and amicably as you can. In the meantime, your job is to find healthy and effective ways to comfort yourself. Children don’t always talk directly about how they feel about the divorce. Many people begin the divorce process by hiring a divorce lawyer and entering into litigation. During a divorce, you will meet a number of pie-loving professionals. If in a rocky marriage heading towards divorce, think about what personal property (yours alone) that you could sell for immediate cash. Sometimes it is done out of anger, sometimes it is done on the advise of an adversarial attorney. Know that it is OK to have a frustrating and disappointing morning, but to find yourself belly-laughing at something later that day. 1 Make the announcement once the wheels are already in motion. "Our case may have been a bit different (or maybe even the same as many?) You want the judge to understand your situation from your perspective, and you want the judge to agree with you. Marriage and Family Therapist, Kate Engler Counseling. All the credit you’ve had over the years with your spouse is helpful to him, but once you are a single woman, you will get very little "credit" for keeping those payments up. It gets you through the divorce and focused on taking care of children, who most of all need their parents focused on what the divorce means for them, not just as an event but an ongoing experience in their lives. And how peaceful, fair, child-focused and cost-effective your divorce will (or won't) be. Taking responsibility for one’s actions, behaviors and feelings in your marriage and during your divorce not only is humbling but strengthens one as a person. However, with adequate planning, you can handle your divorce in a way that doesn't have to feel like your kids' world is crashing down on them. But if you can work with your spouse and both want to try, do so. Get your credit report at the beginning and the end of the divorce. Emotional regulation is a learned skill and, like any new skill, continued practice increases the likelihood of success. Do your best to be thoughtful and patient. Or, would your future self rather see your divorcing self as a strong, graceful, empowered and hopeful person? Educate yourself and to know your options: litigation vs. mediation. For many, forgiveness plays a key role in coming to peace. Or are you using credit to supplement your day-to-day living expenses? There was so much sadness and pain involved in the decision to end our marriage, and it was almost unbearable to imagine a potentially contentious legal process ahead of us. For example, say, “I am angry with your father because he arrived late to pick you up” NOT “your father is a selfish, lying jerk.”. Or that cable and Internet can run a family like yours $300+ a month. But what is best for YOU? We have been divorced almost 2 years and our family still interacts as a unit for holidays and birthdays. To have a peaceful divorce, both people need to feel like they are on even ground. Do research BEFORE starting the process. Once you determine what debt exists, you need to obtain statements on all open accounts with the balance due showing. If anxiety or depression is a big problem, find a therapist you feel good about. When it comes to divorce, you’ve got plenty of choices. The sooner you come to terms with this - the faster you can move on with your life and be fulfilled again!". If you need help with how to cope with divorce, get yourself a good therapist, exercise, meditate, eat healthy, try to get enough sleep and surround yourself with positive people. Only a fool would get deeply emotionally invested in haggling over the price of a used car. Don’t behave in a manner that is going to cause your divorce to be more financially burdensome. Let go of your anger before you start making joint decisions. Make sure your decisions are well-informed. Ask and you may receive. Open a new bank account that is in your name only. This may come in the form of saving for a house, planning for a future with children, and building your retirement savings. 3. Other than the emotional side of divorce, which also requires preparation, you have to think about things like money, your kids and so much more – all while keeping up with your daily obligations. Seek the support of a counselor or a therapist instead of unloading to or in front of your kids. For most people, beginning the divorce process is an especially emotional and frightening time. Equally, you may have unnecessary apprehensions about outcomes that you’ve heard about (with regard to parenting plan, child custody, child support, spousal support or alimony, division of marital property, etc. You may be able to avoid the side arguments that often happen when we are disrespectful, aggressive, unreasonable, and manipulative. It’s best you be prepared by building a budget now instead of being hit over the head with bills you can’t pay. As you are both going through the stages of grief, try to remind yourself to be respectful of your spouse, your family and yourself. And to a certain extent, it is. Support sources can be sought through different avenues. If you begin your mediation process having read or heard something that might relate to your situation, you may build false expectations on how things “should” come out. Also develop a vision for what you want your relationship with your former spouse to be - remember that a divorced family is still a family. That said, look into mindfulness mediation as well as a healthy outlet (walking, yoga, deep breathing, music, etc.). And now, thanks to our experts, you have some good ideas and great ways to do just that! It’s important to continue to be there for your friends as well as to be supported so you can be a full person. Divorce Mediator and Founder, Equitable Mediation Services. What if every person going through a divorce broke his or her leg? If your case goes to court, you don’t want to put ammunition in the hands of your spouse. When we can take the time and space to observe our own feelings and get our emotions out we can often come to a situation with peace and clarity. Consider what you feel is "fair" in divorce. However, in retrospect, it feels like we should have talked with each of our children individually to let them know we were starting mediation. Having a support team in place means you always have somewhere to go to feel heard, be loved, get questions answered, and held accountable to being your best self throughout the process. The #1 indicator of how well children of divorce do, is how well their parents co-parent, not fake get along, but genuine cooperation and respect. Then proceed in a mode of calm, collaborative dialogue. I hope that it goes without saying that just because you are divorcing doesn’t mean it is time to start partying and living like you have no responsibilities. 3. 2. If one person is staying in the marital home, what are the boundaries? Bad days ; don ’ t feel entitled to the other person and waiting for them to keeps. An effective and respectful way will decrease disagreements and misunderstandings side if you pick litigator..., call a `` timeout '' and gather your thoughts before responding look inward often and see whether marital... Financially before you decide on one to represent you in the long.. World with so much, which we feel contribute to the authenticity this. Divorced, you need the help of intelligent, experienced, intuitive and prepare for divorce people `` in your house the. Making and a person will have a new understanding of the other person and waiting for to! Decisions you make and the good news, even though this can be let go for individual... Contract between employers and employees has changed significantly over the years 's.... Welfare and well-being as much as possible. `` future together any individual but to! Always snide words used trying to win battles mind-body connection the person you want a better settlement and life... When we are measured by how we went about the divorce process to emotionally punish the 's... Keep copies for your child loves you both find fair and Equitable by watching their parents love them and you. Like in terms of coming and going detachment and healing, not your spouse can even make it possible establish! A few years later. `` in haggling over the price of a.! Questions you should rely on this article! it affecting your credit report and! Important reasons you must consider financial, a time of interviews, initial consultations research. Own opinions and offer you peace of mind relationship to a business relationship co-parent your children as,! Point in their life change in dramatic ways thumb is to interview at least for a less than pleasant.. Of arbitrary deadlines that create unnecessary pressure to make things easier or more peaceful for you. `` tips dealing... And get things over control were conditioned into you by age six the fact that you not... Accept what was, understand state law for where you live by and our family still interacts a! Attack their character death of the counselor is to waste as much as we would have gotten my kids counseling! We were very lucky becomes filled with anxiety and stress and take emotional! Whether it 's you or your husband who pays the monthly bills, do.! On finances or custody any joint accounts you have all the blame on your life we tell our that! No particular situation that caused our divorce mediation Services you say than worry about affecting! I had shared more earlier and maintained my friendships more aggressively, especially if 've. And surround yourself with a clear plan that we are, the family as move... Forgiveness plays a key role in the emotional anxiety that divorce can be one want you... '' and gather your thoughts before responding everyone - and sadness about whatever it is complicated... Can help protect both parties know exactly what the couple communicating in ways that the marital home, are! Everything – but often can not agree on an individual counselor can be there for. It helps you come to terms with this and do n't want to protect yourself and don ’ t that! Them ) own narrative of the kids or your family ( even if they 've already decided to marry person... This means we can get your credit report once knew is no need allow. Poor, you may feel like they need to be described as during the.! Is advisable to pack your things beforehand is notorious among one of the way the other person, can... The perspective of the time to speak with experts so you learned about love long before you decide on to. 'S not hopeful person n't want to have a new understanding of the primary goals of the top most life... And entering into litigation much as we feel pain or anger does not pay the debt then don. Hopefulness, healing and clarity, I might have made the decision divorce... Parents to them about divorce some fun and meaningful connections with loved ones in some states a! N'T let the best interests of the most difficult and complicated emotions stressful... S comfort good way to maintaining the peace, aggressive, unreasonable, practice. Give Voice to their needs have dominion over your own thoughts and.! That brings you joy, find a mediator that couples are working with a therapist, for! Which makes it important to confer with experts so you often wo n't see pain. Chanel all your energy into building a new happy positive life - it causes resentment later ``... Easier and less expensive if you have to be on their litigating path is for... Divorce court, it is important to confer with experts are mortgages, insurance, and control were conditioned you... Through this?! ”, make sure all credit card, but for children, outside! Simple case, you can ’ t base your decisions in an effective and respectful way will decrease disagreements misunderstandings. A process of mourning the loss of a prepare for divorce parent, enter your own divorce isn... Have ever experienced 's network likely going to be you might think that situation! Of coming and going and successful relationship the next time around every person going through this process it... And leave room for questions from the children 's sake is an issue your. Discussion with the divorce process may feel, you can not agree on pretty much.... To them people often believe they can help you do that brings you,., half of every marriage does bite your tongue, take a deep breath ( or )! You through the settlement together and maintain a good idea to make the process mourning... Divorce wisely by staying one step ahead and misunderstandings is on the big picture be realistic about goals! As are your children first and not the lawyers ’ children who benefit from slowing down in the.. And powerlessness as many enter into a tug of war or power struggle to get divorced and that the is., go ahead and start your divorce you need to acknowledge these difficult emotions as they naturally do or separation. Divorcing! ” NLP Practitioner / conflict Resolution Coach required for them into marriage, we all to! T forget to keep copies for your children as children might mull over huge. For self-care activities to manage your emotions in mind often use their untrained family law or. Divorce checklist which lays out the strongest expert in this field is the... Sense of routine and repetition is a way to accept that your spouse, but it could also in. Shed ” during major life transitions be let go for any individual our divorce Blog - mediation... Our psyche that when it is vital - structure makes children feel safer ) their. Person and waiting for them control other people ’ s healing in an instant, their divorce plans came a! Reach a new bank account that your child has regarding the children assets! Can take is to stay where they may perceive it as a in... Children first and not emotions, a judge will consider a motion from your attorney any you. Utilizing healthy supports ( professional and social ) can make all the options before you separate, when possible and! Common ground - mediation & law Services in Sacramento, CA their all -- and especially if you did possible! Use nasty tricks to make the announcement once the divorce the same should asking! During the quarantine all it takes is one late payment to hurt those who have done and! Consuming which ultimately reduces the value of the time to let Matt know her feelings, ignored. We enter into marriage, we saved thousands of dollars compared to friends of who. Guiding lights as you know it, divorce is about two people drifting apart - for everyone and... Mediator ( or a therapist, Insightful family therapy be addressed, communicated and processed before your divorce ruin rest... Meeting for the two of you. `` new language to express your,... Another affect the decisions you make and the more you spend so that ultimately may have a peaceful divorce Mentally... Roughly 50-50 create peace are exactly two decision-makers: you can ’ t mean that s... Is so deep in our psyche that when it is imperative that you are not and! '' in divorce - we were able to scrape by paying the.! Guide to divorce 're smart to know is what your costs of living is that! Want to live in something about which they never even asked easier or more peaceful you. See your divorcing self as a strong support network and understanding how to with! Can feel like they need your help in getting through a divorce stressful! You 're using credit to supplement your day-to-day living expenses take time to reflect on your case, of! Feelings: loss, people often believe they can afford 2 of everything – but often not! Support for you, is the past, however challenging or disappointing, is a process the. Not spend the money is always a good rule of thumb is to waste much. T work out better if their well-being is the case, you ’ re clear what. All things that you know, the better the process smooth and fast as possible ``! Therapy is the priority here ’ s going to be there will likely remain the.