The presence of a core of twistless fibres and a filament as a wrapper makes the wrap-spun yarn structure considerably different from the structure of ring-spun yarns. This profile enhances the visual and textural properties of the fabric. The plain weave is made from all kinds of textile raw materials and yarns, i.e. volume 97, pages47–53(2016)Cite this article. Uster Technologies AG (2007) Measurement of Slub Yarns, USTER TESTER 5-800 Application Report, Part 2, Pour, S E. Department of Textile Technology, National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, 144011, India, You can also search for this author in 5 Skeins VINTAGE REYNOLDS FANTASIE Yarn Mohair,Cotton,Viscose,Poly Autumn Orange Based on theories of computer graphics and computer simulation technology, this paper has set forth appearance parameter models of fancy yarns in the light of the spinning principle and the physical and geometric structure of fancy yarns. As an example of a textile issue that was once considered a defect, slub yarn has proven to be an advantage in some instances. Sixteen types of bunch yarn have been produced. Hollow spindle spinning is a technology developed as a one-stage process for production of fancy yarns. In terms of economy aspects only, the frotte fancy yarns are believed to be cheaper in production due to lower quantity of components utilize for their production to compare with loop fancy yarns, under conditions of the same settings of ring twisting frame. The geometry of the effects could be considered as a classifying factor. Sixteen types of bunch yarn have been produced. However, the effect of base yarn twist level is marginal in case of injected slub yarn made with double base yarn. Normal Slub and Negative Slub explanations 22. The wild cotton plant was domesticated in Asia, Africa, and South America nearly six thousand years ago. Finer, smoother, better quality cotton yarns, known as combed ... Slub yarns can be either single or ply yarns. No study was published about the tensile properties of different sections of multicount yarn. East. The experimental comparison was performed for various structure fancy yarns specially manufactured for this investigation and using data presented by the other authors. The investigated fancy yarns are of traditional structure, i.e., their effect intermediate product composed of two yarns as well as of complex structure - their effect intermediate product made of three yarns. Experimental data is used to establish the fuzzy logic model and construct basic principles. A yarn abrasion device was designed in order to measure the abrasion resistance of chenille yarns and the abrasion resistance of knitted fabrics made from these yarns was measured with a Martindale Abrasion tester. The yarn properties like mass variation percentage (CVm%), unevenness (U%), hairiness, yarn breakage rate, yarn imperfection were investigated. (The textile Institute Terms and Definitions Committee, Biddles Ltd., Manchester, 1995), K.E. NEGATIVE SLUB 21. 9, 74–81 (2009), K.E. All rights reserved. slub yarn: [noun] a yarn with thick and thin sections alternating regularly or irregularly — compare slub. Res. Present study embodies the effect of some important parameters like base yarn twist level, number of base yarn, twist direction and injected fibre components on injected slub yarn performance in terms of tensile strength and breaking elongation. Their hand-spun cotton was as fine as for today’s best. The present work proposes the analysis of known modes of fancy yarn grouping as well as suggests the methods for the systematisation of all types of fancy yarns. The theoretical analysis is based on the modelling of a fancy yarn as a linear elastic object with the assumptions about the geometry of the snarl's "leg" and without taking into the consideration the interaction between the contacting parts of the yarn. Cotton grows on bushes that are three to six feet high. This paper will discuss the methods of simulating three kinds of fancy yarn - loop yarn, wave yarn and chenille yarn.