Description ; The Bosch system. How I met the Birdy: Graphite. Despite them initially looking OK, the original brake blocks turned out to be horrible – they produced loads of dust. The UK had only one card to play in the Brexit end game: the timetable. Much appreciated. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. Small enough to fit almost anywhere you go, but it certainly will fit in any car boot and any form of public transport. I, Nice to come across this article; your bike is looking really smart. 027 776 2018. There were mounts for lights, but no lights. But it's a jack-of-all-trades folding bike that does all jobs well. $59.99 $ 59. Procure a massive fleet of night train carriages and lease them to operators, How to find a flat in Berlin – the sequel, The Express on Germany’s Coronavirus stats – a classic of the fake news genre, Starmer’s steady stability – I’m not sure this is enough, €21.95 to make your webinars a whole lot better, Fixing persistent WordPress image upload problems – and saving some disk space too, The UK General Election: where nothing is true and everything is possible, What the 4 major events in the past week mean for Brexit, Why even clueless Brits should care about the Irish border and Brexit, How to Debunk European Right-Wing Populism? Colin Lippert on the The handlebar bag can be fitted using just screws and a Phillips screwdriver. I reckon we'll get a deal. A few weeks back a friend and I were offered a Riese und Müller Birdy that dates from 2001. But I am mostly going to be taking this on long train trips (Berlin to Aix-en-Provence next week, Bruges to Rome the week after) and for those purposes the bag will do just fine. But for now I am content – it all works, and seems to behave in the way I want! For the moment though, here a few photos after the repairs! Best bang for buck! This means the kickstand turns a bit. I have covered about 40,000 km. If you are taller, take care! Lots of wonderful ideas. Just when I havr about given up on folders 🙂. 1. The Tinker is easy to take along with you on public transport, carry up a few steps or quickly stow in the car. Created with Sketch. Firm believer of the N+1 bike axiom. Having it with me on business trips, especially to small-ish cities where the only public transport is buses, has been transformative. Birdy Elastomer – Standard medium hardness red – €19.90 (online from dedicated bike shop Per Pedale here), Two items – neither of crucial importance – have long shipping times and have not arrived yet The Birdy has a special system to mount the saddle on the seat pole, but this only needs Allen keys to adjust it. So the best compromise was a Decathlon handlebar mounted laptop bag, that uses a standard Rixen & Kaul mounting system. E-bikes Second, and more serious, I found the riding position uncomfortable. Reproduction stickers, decals and transfers for all types of bicycles and pushbikes. I can’t imagine there are too many Birdys that far from the home market! Enjoy the massive reduction in transport costs from savings on incidentals such as petrol, parking and vehicle maintenance. A bike can substantially speed up your daily commute, especially in our larger cities. Last year I bought a 2003 Birdy Mk1 from its first owner who had bought it new in Germany, and brought it with him to NZ. Sweden and the UK - tired leaders and new upstarts. Here in German you need to look for “Birdy Vorbau” – see this for example – and it says the replacement is not an easy job… I hope that helps a little! Pop Top Covers So the purchases for the repair were as follows: Folding it is a bit of a pain – I am not as good as this dude yet! The Riese & Muller Tinker was made to tackle day-to-day challenges in the city: whether commuter hold-ups on the streets, full buses and trains or heavy luggage – the compact frame withstands it all. Our Kiwi Stow Folding Bikes are great for motorhomes, caravans, boats and ideal for commuters. I have already taken it to Rome, Bruges, Maastricht, Brussels, London and Aix-en-Provence, and cycled it from Tourcoing to Lille, and from Bruges to Blankenberge and back., And on fishing: At the time of writing I have only ridden the Birdy for 20 minutes. I can dig out some old photos if you like. About Us If you're looking for a new bike and you're keen to save some money then check out our listing of Bike Specials. Brake lever: Alloy bracket, alloy silver lever, Mudguards: Silver 20" with concealed stainless fixed hanger, Reflectors:  Front and rear of bike and both wheels. As of 2010 over 100,000 had been sold. We have your back at Torpedo7 with fast commutes and sportives. What is the overall weight of the bike now (without the heavy lock)? Having done a fair bit of searching we came across the KiwiStow bikes so bought one to try before buying the second one. Tuesday 9:00 - 18:00. 2 reviews Saddle – Decathlon Sport Komfort 500 Red – €9.99 (normally €18.99) (ordered with Decathlon online) – simple semi-sporty saddle Caravan Covers In short, this is one of the best bikes in New Zealand, not least for the number of storage options it offers bikers. Great article. Anti Theft Quick Release QR Skewers – unbranded – €9.75, shipping from Singapore (ordered from eBay here) Required fields are marked *. I’m happy to have found your article. A compact folding bike for any adult - the perfect solution where the bicycle needs to store in a smaller area when not it use. We call E-Bikes with up to 45 km/h assistance HS bikes. … Whether you’re on holiday or for everyday working, the Birdy takes you safely to any destination, with Riese & Müller Control Technology. the luggage rack – the Birdy I have had something like this on it: The Abus Bordo Granit was the best rated foldable lock in Stiftung Warentest’s May 2019 study, although I went for the shorter and lighter 85cm version as opposed to the 110cm version. Birdy Folding bike + Join Group. And a new chain is always a good idea. I would start with them. Rotating Bell – unbranded, goes around the handlebar so very durable but small – €6.00 (ordered from eBay here) the one with 7 gears, Shimano SIS. online from dedicated bike shop Per Pedale here,,,,, I use cookies for some functions on website. 6. The perfect way to finish your bike respray. Most annoying however are the mudguards. There is still nothing which beats the Brompton for that. I spent a lot of time on that project, but it really was worth it. Giant Toughroad SL1 Gravel Bike Best for Versatility. 9. Thank you. Browse our range of bikes for kids here. The space at the top of the front wheel – between tire and mudguard – is very restricted, and the tire can easily rub here. Here how to mount the mudguard is quite obvious – there is a mounting screw hole on the frame above the tire, and two holes above each end of the axels – as shown: The problem is to then get the mudguard supports mounted at the right angle – position them too low and the bike handlebars will not fold! Birdy folding bicycles. 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,002. Very easy to fold and unfold and the 7 speed gears are plenty for the type of use these bikes are designed for. Tires and inner tubes need bike tire levers to remove and replace, and 18 inch tires are hard to fit (the smaller the tires the harder it is). But I went a stage further, bought one of the joke racks, copied the geometry of the later rack and the hinge. A compact folding bike for any adult - the perfect solution where the bicycle needs to store in a smaller area when not it use.Don't be fooled by it's size or lightweightness - Kiwistow folding bikes still feature all the bells and whistles and have the same high standard of quality construction. There is only one mounting point for the mudguard on this Birdy – on the front above the wheel, as shown: The problem is that a mudguard with just one mount is always loose and wobbly. Because that was the easy one! Photos; Discussions; Members; Map; About; Sort: Date added. Frame: 20" Foldable high-strength aluminium Alloy. Also there is a fix for fixing a Brompton bag mount block to the front of the bike and if you search for a paris-based Blog it has details. I find the ride is in some ways superior to a standard 700C equipped bike. Watch Queue Queue I also used a Dremel to cut the supports to the correct length, and I also shortened the mudguard as well – using the Dremel to cut it. I had clothes etc for 10 days, tent, sleeping bag, inflatable sleeping mat and pillow, towel etc, plus pump, tools etc, and the bike handled all this fine. 2. 12. We just fold up and put both in the back of the suv, still plenty of room for the other items we carry in the vehicle 206 Members. Inner tubes x 2 – Schwalbe Nr.5 18 Zoll Presta Valve – €15.00 (ordered from eBay here) Folding Bicycles 4. So I replaced them with PROMAX brake blocks with removable pads (ordered from eBay here) – cost is 20 Euro, but I have these blocks on another bike and like them a lot. Not as compact as a Brompton, but OK for commuting if you have space to put it – it’s OK in the bike compartments on Belgian trains, but would not fit under a seat in a British train. Let's correct that for the UK Govt (this is their error, not Nick's) birdy folding bike. An attitude. I have exactly the same 2001 Birdy: it now weighs is 8.5 kilos with carbon bars and 20 inch wheels with road tires. Shop with confidence on eBay! Here's why: 31st Jul, 2020, My wife and are are traveling a lot around NZ in our caravan and because we are mostly off grid, ebikes were out of the question. Hi Jim – that’s quite a story! Graphite Birdy Folding Bike Long Term … My maximum distance in one day was about 76km, about 400km over 8 days. These sometimes need bending back into shape before setting off. I’d be interested to know your thoughts on the viability of repairs – seems like a snapped stem and lack of rear elastomer are obvious starters but I don’t know how deep my pockets will have to get. 2. I have cracked two of those and eventually bought a much more modern stem costing about 250 Euros. "Whether we leave transition period with a DEAL* or with NO DEAL, we will take back control of our waters." At some point I need to better reflect how to better resolve this issue, but for now the reflectors are holding. Lights and the elastomer could be mounted without tools. You need a number of different 5mm bolts to secure the guards and the supports, and some fat washers to bring the mudguard closer to the wheel from the frame. Always in search of the next awesome route. So the Anti Theft Quick Release QR Skewers and Kickstand arrived from China. An E-Bike of stature. Pedals – Decathlon Folding Pedals – €12.99 (ordered from Decathlon online) – Birdy normally does not have folding pedals, but these worked well on the Decathlon folding bike I used to use, so were chosen here to save a bit of space. 2. The Birdy is the cult object from Riese & Müller and once you’ve ridden a Birdy, you surely won’t swap it for anything. Last year I bought a 2003 Birdy Mk1 from its first owner who had bought it new in Germany, and brought it with him to NZ., 1. Your email address will not be published. For good reason! Home Bikes Birdy. The Birdy, like many folding bikes, has what is effectively a very long stem. Product Code: 1006 Photos. The best bet is probably – they seem to be the online shop in Germany with the best range of Birdy spares, and were able to send me an elastomer for my Birdy very speedily. All categories; 29er Mountain bikes; 650B (27.5) Mountain Bikes; Accessories; Balance Bikes; BMX Bikes; Cargo Bikes; Comfort; CycloCross; DEPOSIT; Dirt and … With a huge range of mountain bikes, electric bikes, road bikes, kids bikes and more, you'll be sure to find a bike that suits your needs and budget. Every model is loaded with features and details that will make any ride, on any trail, better. It came with a folding rear rack which tucks in neatly to the folded frame, and a similar cordura carrying bag which packs up to form a small rucsac, so with the addition of the “lowrider” front rack sold for the current Mark 3, and fitted with some fiddling, swearing and adjusting, I had a four-bag tourer. All Birdy bikes share the same vision and design philosophy and essentially the main folding frames are the same for all its models. We are open 7 days a week running a priority service to all keyworkers. Still, others say they can't be ridden up hills or into headwinds or long distances. Kickstand is a pain – because there is basically only one mounting bolt – the axel bolt. Thank you! So I bought a Dahon Speed Pro last week with a plan to give it a good thrashing and maybe do Round Taupo on it for a laugh. Make no mistake, the Birdy is a real grown-up bike. About Us. Free Delivery On Equipment over $350. Friday 9:00 - 18:00. You need an angle of about 35 degrees upwards at least! SMC 18" 355 Carbon Fiber Rims for Birdy Bike. Shop city and commuter e-bikes Auckland North Shore. Two purchases needed a lot more consideration Grips – Velo Attune, asymmetric to fit the grip shift gears – €14.90 (ordered from eBay here) – I like ones that you can rest palms on, so these are perfect November 12th, 2006 Group Since. The velcro straps provided with the Abus Bordo lock are too short to go around the Birdy frame, so I used 4 long cable ties to mount this – they cost a few Euro at my local DIY store. Don't be fooled by it's size or lightweightness - Kiwistow folding bikes still feature all the bells and whistles and have the same high standard of quality construction. Tack Boxes And even that did not work. Ought to read Have you had any similar problems, and do you have contact details for places to source parts like bearings? It depends what you want. I would be careful of putting that bag on the handlebars because the original stem was weak at the top and occasionally cracked so check it frequently. Spoke & Nipple: Stainless 14G x 9mm, Brass nipple 12mm, 14G, Folded dimensions: 800mmL x 380mmW x 680mmH. Seat: Ergonomic design for extra comfort padded Cionlli brand. I bought it for its ride quality which was certainly superior to the new Brompton I tried at the same time, but quickly concluded that it just didn’t work for what I intended, which was multimodal commuting where I was folding it up three times a day (for the train to work, the train home, and at the office) and stuffing it under the seats on the train. But your problem here, like a lot of things for Birdys, is where / how to get the spares! 1. So, I bought a mk1 and then started noticing why the makers changed the design a bit but still called it a mk1 – broadly they changed the geometry of the front end so that a mudguard would fit it properly and above where the rear elastomer is bolted on, they created a hinge mounting point for the rack that would fold down automatically. The Warehouse High quality, sturdy yet lightweight, this folding bike is the idea solution. I do not have the same problem as you do, but I did contact R+M to see if they could supply me with mudguards for my model and they basically told me to go to hell because my model was too old (OK, they told me slightly more politely, but it wasn’t a helpful response!). The steering and seat height can be easily adjusted, so are suitable for all rider types and sizes. R&M are unfortunately not prioritising their old birdy spares and sometimes you have to order from Asia these days. Re. The frame and all components needed cleaning – rags, and WD40 for a few places, and some acetone to remove sticker glue residue in a few spots. I would have loved to have had a chat with you before you did all this work because I had a red mk1 Birdy which I used for commuting and came up with all the difficulties you have had. There are definitely folding racks for birdys as another commentator said. Trek is the #1 performance bike brand in the world. This is a group in which we collect our pictures of Birdy folding bikes, and BD-1 and Frog bicycles. Black metal mudguards – unbranded – €5.00 (one off from eBay Kleinanzeigen, similar on eBay for €19.90 here) by skarockpunk 1. Thursday 9:00 - 18:00. It rides well, and is fun and quick to ride. 5 available. Take, take, take, and a scant grasp of the facts - this week's UK-EU hulabaloo, #EUuk 10th December - UK-EU debate online, Brown: better not make it 2 no-shows in a week, Delving into Pär Nuder's visions of political leadership. This is a well known problem with older Birdys (see this in German for example). Nice article! Birdy Speed, Dual Drive, & world sport models also available. Chito B on the The Birdy is definitely not a spare or second bike – it’s just as comfortable and fun to ride as its bigger brothers and sisters. Bo Jo is shameless, but not stupid ... But then the good news: this bike is fantastic. Pricing is very competitive with other folding bikes in the market. 27 likes. This is all very interesting & it’s great you’ve documented it. That's not to say it's better: the Brompton beats it hands down as a bike-rail commuter. UPDATE AFTER 2 MONTHS OF USE – MARCH 2020. Facebook 0 Twitter Tumblr Pinterest 0 0 Likes. Trek is the world leader in mountain bike technology. photo by stevenbrandist. Find a Retailer; en. I agree with your point about the folding, and that this is not the bike for daily commuting, but I am also not going to be doing that – or at least not every day! Warranty: 12 month back to base warranty. I did find that the bag didn’t offer quite enough protection for the brutal handling it got on my flight to Keflavik and it was lucky I had packed a roll of Gorilla tape to patch up a cracked mudguard and chainguard, so next time I’m going to take a couple of inflatable camping pillows that I can partly inflate to provide extra protection for the more fragile parts. The bike itself had cost 2199 Deutschmarks (1125 Euro) 18 years ago. This explains why most Birdy bikes i see dont have fenders. This is how it looks: This fix took a lot of messing around, and filing and bending metal. Tours. (that Dahon Doubleplay is probably the best one), Your email address will not be published. Review this product. We are two happy (senior) campers. The official page for Birdy Bicycles Australia & New Zealand. Read my other articles about my Graphite Birdy folding bike. Later versions have something like this: The aluminium rods I used to secure the mudguards have a tendency to bend (and this can happen when transporting the Birdy) and this then means the mudguards touch the tires. Hard 70-110kg (green) but that has a different spot to mount it than the frame of this older one does…. Business Hours. I have 1. SPOKESTER Bicycle Noise Maker - Makes Your Bike Sound Like a Motorcycle . It has been a well looked after bike, with an upgrade to a 7 speed Nexus hub, and a new seat a few years ago. 5. I did something similar to you for the front mudguard, creating one new mounting point and was proud of it looking very professional, seeing as I had spent many hours bending bits of mudguard spokes to create a really nice effect. Why? They are light and portable weighing just 14kg, so very easy to carry and pick up. Definitely recommend for city riding and for those who take more than one mode of transport on a daily basis. Folding Bike Features. I bought a Mark 2 Birdy, with the monococque frame, in 2006 just after it was introduced. First the easy one – sourcing elastomer is not too hard. But I have happy memories of it! Shop online now. Very impressed with the bikes. I’ve just inherited a Mk1 Birdy (in blue), not sure on year, but I know my grandad had years out of it even at 82!. Welcome to Pacific CYCLE Tours, where we offer quality small group hiking and biking tours of New Zealand. Well done. Regular 50-90kg (red) The sequence of the Brexit end game is very important, “How to Work with the EU Institutions” – a book chapter, and the online launch event, Borders on the ground, borders in people’s heads, How could the EU solve the night train conundrum? My problem was two fold. I’ve been looking on line to try to find a source for parts for the Mk1 Birdy, without much success. Only one way to find out for sure - give it a go. Shop Electric Bikes Auckland North Shore . This takes my total cost to 350 Euro. Doing so required hours of work, and a lot of trial and error. Three distinct models have been marketed, the third (Mk3) sold from July 2015. It works, but you cannot put much weight on it.[email protected]/19328578626/in/photostream/. No Creative Commons Image in this post. In the parent’s courtyard. front and rear suspensions working as they should. 🙂 It will be mainly come with me on business trips from Berlin by train, once a week or every other week, and for that I think I can tolerate it! I contacted Riese and Müller to enquire if a mud guard kit for this Birdy was available, but after three weeks still do not have a reply. $9.99 $ 9. The BIRDY series of folding bikes represents the best in portable performance — featuring light weight, quick folding capabilities and full suspension for rider comfort. No surprise that our mountain bikes are the most technologically advanced on the market. Bike Academy; Contact; Lockdown Update 5.11.2020. The front and rear reflectors arrived from eBay but fitting these was a bit of a pain. The Birdy is a folding bicycle designed by Riese und Müller in Germany and produced by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan. I created the missing hinge mounting point by mounting a piece of steel from a door hinge (cut to shape) and held it on by using the same bolt that held on the rear elastomer. Take a Look at the amazing Birdy Rohloff available in three different colours. 99. The issue here is where to mount a lock on a folding bike? We have a full range of electric bikes to cater to a wide range of riders, from city and commuter electric bikes through to electric mountain bikes. It takes me less than 10 seconds to fold/unfold. Birdy Folding Bikes Malaysia. Full bikes together with a carrier we’re going to add too much extra weight to the back of our caravan. The new rack that fitted the newer mk1 Birdy was an identical fit for the later mk2 so it was easy to get hold of. All folded it measures 35 x 75 x 57 centimetres, and fits neatly in its carry bag. Great article. Birdy is a lifestyle. First released in 1995, it was the first fully suspended folding bike. Log In Riese & Müller It all began with two engineers, a good idea, and a garage. but I found that annoying when folding the bike. I was using the predecessor of the tilt 120 – i.e. Our R&D department packs more engineering horsepower than any other bike company, and they're committed to making every one of our road bikes, from hand-built carbon race machines to refined aluminium models, the absolute best in its class. It then languished in the shed for some years until I had the notion of using it for a tour of the East Fjords of Iceland, where I only had to fold it for the flights there and back.