Cream of Mushroom Meatloaf is a meatloaf recipe my Mother use to make as an alternative to the traditional meatloaf recipes made with tomato sauce or ketchup. Savory Herb & Garlic Recipe Soup & Dip Mix, Noodle Soup – Soup Mix with Real Chicken Broth, Extra Noodle – Soup Mix with Real Chicken Broth, Chicken Noodle – Soup Mix with Real Chicken Broth, Ring-o-noodle – Soup Mix with Real Chicken Broth, 1 envelope Lipton® Recipe Secrets® Onion Soup Mix, 3/4 cup plain dry bread crumbs or 1 1/2 cups fresh bread crumbs. This recipe is easily cooked in your slow cooker. Then top with the remaining gravy, slice, and ENJOY! After meatloaf is cooked all the way through you may drain the fat (slice meatloaf directly in the pan … Categories: Let stand 10 minutes before serving. This mini meatloaf recipe takes about forty-five minutes from start to finish and produces twelve muffin sized meatloaves. I prefer to free form on a baking sheet lined with parchment or foil, but you can always use a loaf pan. It was a nice change from the tomato based meatloaves that we're used to. " Bake uncovered until done, … Meatloaf Muffins are a fun alternative to classic meatloaf. Instead of baking in a loaf pan, it was free-formed. Pour the ketchup, Worcestershire, brown sugar and onion powder into a small mixing bowl. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. If you have any leftovers, we suggest making meatloaf sandwiches the next day. Shape it as loosely as you can so it cooks perfectly. Cook until internal … And, don’t compress the meatloaf into the pan as well. If using a jar gravy, add the ketchup and gravy to a small pot and reheat on medium low heat. Reduce heat to medium and simmer uncovered, stirring from time to time, until gravy is thickened, about a few minutes. I’m guessing you are if you clicked a link to get here! Bake uncovered for one hour, or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Instructions. Reserved. Low-Sodium Soy Sauce: for a depth of flavor and reducing the need for salt. About 15 minutes before the loaf is done, spoon on a little of the gravy on top of the loaf, then finish cooking in the oven. Bring out the true pasta lover in you! Stir all of the ingredients together until fully combined and then set aside. Baking it at a higher temperature will shorten the cooking time, but you’ll end up with a drier meatloaf. Comfort food all the way. Where this came from - a small Church Cookbook from years ago. Feb 8, 2020 - Explore Sonya Phillips's board "Onion soup meatloaf recipe" on Pinterest. 1 env. My husband and I aren’t big fans … Get the latest recipes and tips delivered right to your inbox. Combine all ingredients in large bowl. Main Dish, Meatloaf, Beef, Ground Beef, North American, Budget-Friendly, Easy/Beginner Cooking, Freezer (OAMC), Kid Pleaser, Make-Ahead, Brunch, Fall/Autumn, Potluck, Summer, Sunday Dinner, Winter, Weeknight Meals, Spring more, "Easy to prepare and ... even though it is an old recipe - it's still a good recipe. How to Make … onion soup mix 2 lbs. She made it with a can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup, a package of Lipton Onion Soup Mix, and oatmeal. See the recipes with Lipton® Recipe Secrets. 2. Bring to a boil, then simmer, stirring constantly, until gravy is thickened, about 5 minutes. Comfort Food, Dinner, Lunch, Step 4: About 15 minutes before the loaf is done, spoon on a little of the gravy on top of the loaf, then finish cooking in the oven. Are you a meatloaf fan? is a recipe sharing social network that allow members to post recipes, rate and review other member’s recipes and engage with other home cooks. Then baked for about 15 more minutes. Use a jar of prepared roast beef gravy or make gravy with two envelopes of dry brown gravy mix, or use mushroom or onion gravy mix. The most popular onion soup mix to use for this recipe is Lipton, but any brand should produce a flavorful meatloaf. Add the onions, salt and pepper and cook for 8-10 minutes until slightly browned and softened. OR, stir in 1 tablespoon heavy cream. Stir in Lipton® Recipe Secrets® Beefy Onion Soup Mix. Preheat oven to 350°. I have always used my mom’s recipe for meatloaf. But, I am sure this same recipe is on thousands of websites and in thousands of cookbooks.". Tools you might use for making this meatloaf recipe: Cast Iron Pan – If you don’t have one of these, make the investment. ;) . – The Magical Slow Cooker. You can also use a package mix, follow the package directions, and add the ketchup at the end of cooking. Shape into loaf in 13 x 9-inch baking or roasting pan. If you’ve never had Lipton Onion Soup Mix gravy you are missing out. 1 env. Then add the meat and gently mix until combined with the other ingredients; over mixing can create a dense tough meatloaf. Bake uncovered 1 hour or until done. Try recipes like Classic Onion Dip and Roasted Potatoes to make a party favorite today! Bake for 1 hour, or until done. Add some sliced tomatoes for a satisfying lunch. The perfect temperature is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This Slow Cooker Onion Soup Mix Meat Loaf is a new recipe for me. It's that time of year again to take advantage of great weather and to smoke your... One of the most flavor-filled cooking styles you can make is with a slow cooker. Make this ahead soup mix ahead of time and always have some ready to go. This recipe was made on 7/9/18 for mine and my SO's Dinner, but more importantly for " The Alphabet Soup Recipe Tag " game. Otherwise, serve the meatloaf slices on slices of bread with the gravy for fabulous open-face sandwiches. Remove from the loaf pan or baking sheet, cover, and let it rest a few minutes before slicing. 1. In saucepan, mix 1 pouch Lipton Onion Soup mix with 2tbsp flour. 1. meatloaf mixture, ground beef and ground pork 1 c. soft bread crumbs 1 egg 1/2 c. water 1/4 c. ketchup It was made with the Lipton onion soup mix recipe. I do not care for mushrooms, but had the best meatloaf I ever tasted with a mushroom gravy (once I picked all the mushrooms out). All Rights I made the recipe exactly as it was written. These tasty mini meatloaves are made with Lipton Onion Soup Mix and crushed Ritz Crackers. About 15 minutes before it was finished baking, a small amount of prepared packaged gravy was poured over the top. Also, if you prefer to use your favorite tomato based sauce, please do so. Add the oil to a skillet over medium heat. I let it rest for about 10 minutes before slicing . In a large bowl, combine the Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion Soup Mix, ground beef, plain bread crumbs, eggs, water, and ketchup. 3. Lipton onion mushroom soup mix 1 1/2 lb. Vary your ingredients and spices in this cook once, eat twice recipe and you're sure to create a recipe your family will love Plus, freeze your leftovers and you'll have an easy, microwave-reheatable dish for a busy night! Provide a boil over high temperature. You can also use a package mix, follow the package directions, and add the ketchup at the end of cooking. I even tried the free-form method, which I don't usually like to do, but this one holds together nicely. 2. Copycat Lipton Onion Soup Mix: this is my DIY dry onion soup mix recipe. © Copyright 2020 - So, stop as soon as the ingredients are combined. Place loaf pan on a rack in an oven-roasting pan. This will depend on what type of pan you cook the meatloaf in. The stove heats up the kitchen, the back of the house, and the warm yummy meatloaf warms our bellies. Bake on the middle shelf at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hr. I figured I would stick to the original by using a jar or package mix. A free form loaf usually cooks quicker than one in a loaf pan. Mix well to combine. Do not be tempted to bake the dish at a higher temperature to cook it faster. Combine all ingredients in large bowl. There was only one small problem, the meat had a slight crevice in it, maybe it needed a bit more breadcrumbs to hold it together. Onion soup meatloaf is the and you’ll need a cast iron pan to make this dish a reality. This meat loaf is bursting with onion flavor from Lipton Onion Soup Mix. See more ideas about meatloaf recipes, meatloaf, tomato gravy recipe. Preheat oven to 350°. TIP: Personalize gravy with the addition of a pinch or a couple of your preferred herbs. This website is directed only to U.S. consumers for products and services of Unilever United States. Dump the ground beef into a large mixing bowl. Made as written, with packaged gravy. In our house, meatloaf is a great comfort food on a cold blistery winter day. If using a jar gravy, add the ketchup and gravy to a small pot and reheat on medium low heat. Shape into loaf in 13 x 9-inch baking or roasting pan. Keep Smiling :) ". Reduce heat, simmer uncovered, stirring occasionally for about 5 minutes. It’s what originally inspired this recipe. 1 oz Lipton onion soup mix; Instructions: Preheat oven to 350F. ground beef 1 1/2 c. soft bread crumbs 2 eggs 3/4 c. water 1/3 c. catsup This delicious meatloaf in the shape of cupcakes with colorful "confetti" vegetable pieces is a great way to sneak more vegetables into your child's diet! I didn't like meatloaf growing up. Stir in 2 cups cold water and bring to a boil. In a 13×9 inch baking pan, shape the mixture into a loaf. Meatloaf ... Add the Onion Soup Mix to a large bowl along with the ketchup, eggs, bread crumbs, milk, and water. Lipton Onion Soup Meatloaf Recipe [+Video] » Classic Meatloaf Recipe with a Tomato Soup Gravy. My family had many variations (red sauce, boiled eggs or cheese on the inside), but none made meatloaf tasty, to me. It’s one of the best things I have in my kitchen. Easy Make Ahead Freezer Beef And Bean Burritos, Smoking Times and Temperatures With Recipes. Slices of meatloaf can be reheated in a skillet over medium-low heat (flip for even cooking) or in the microwave. The rest over the gravy will be poured over the top when you serve it.