It would be great if all of the buds were full open. She dipped her entire body into her 'own' pool with only her head peeking out of the hot spring water. After paying your tickets and passing through the gate, walk towards the train station. Aside from cherry blossoms there were also other flowers that can be seen. A: Taiwan's cherry blossom season starts in January and ends in April. When the train had already left, visitors can now cross again the railroad tracks. The first week of April is the last chance for sakura chasers to see the blossoms in Alishan, which is located in Chiayi County. For visitors who wish to see the yaesakuras here, they will have to walk for 1.4 kilometers to reach the police station. Travelling only in Taipei? All the points in the map whether its a maple, sakura or plain tourist attraction are the places that I have visited personally. Mix and match these places, start either with Yangmingshan or check the Broadwood Park/Lohas Park for a romantic cherry blossom night experience. According to locals, these flowers are yinghua or cherry blossoms. It will be difficult to get seats especially on weekends and holidays. I get out of the train station via the Zhongshan Road Exit. You can find the route map and other info on the official website. to board the same bus for the return trip. Follow the trail leading to the Yangming Park for less than two kilometers. Actually, all the cherry blossoms are planted near to this monument. Don't waste your time waiting for the bus. It's just a few hours of drive from Alishan. When sakuras appear in the city, lovers dressed in formal attire wander in Taiwan’s scenic spots. To go back to Taichung, Taipei or maybe you already plan to stay in Sun Moon Lake, make another tripool booking through the web app. If you board this bus, you will be able to visit all the important attractions in Taipei City like the National Palace Museum, Longshan Temple, Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall and many more. Like Shibafen, Dongfang Temple's cherry blossoms are part of the late-bloomers group. Visitors usually bring their own cars to see this place. Taoyuan is not known to be a cherry blossom viewing spot. For the 6-day Chinese New Year Holiday in Taiwan which will start from Feb. 11 and will end on Feb. 16, services of the different modes of public transportation in Taiwan will be reduced. How to go to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport? With the exception of Orange Cafe restaurant (the staff also limits the number of people who can enter the garden), all of the cherry blossom spots listed on the tripool taxi below are free to enter. 2. tripool taxi. It was a funny and unforgettable experience. For places like Broadwood Park and the sakura trees near Taipei 101, they are just a walking distance from the MRT station. 2. tripool taxi. While the dates in this article are for 2020's season, they can serve as a reference for 2021 as well. I tried talking to other farmers and they have the same system: farms are open every Saturday and then close for the rest of the week to give time for the fruits to grow and mature. I only have 2 hours to roam around, and at 5:00 pm I knew the place would become colder. Is going north (Keelung, Yangmingshan) still safe? Although Japan cherry blossom 2021 is taking place a few months before the re-scheduled Tokyo 2021 Olympics (assuming they take place at all), Tokyo is nonetheless high on many lists of would-be hanami goers next year. If you look at the Google Maps, this river seems to be an old one. Adult tickets cost NTD 220 while students need to only pay NTD 150. I always monitor the situation of the cherry blossoms in Xinyi District, until they approach their peak period. Here is your itinerary: Taipei MRT Jiantan Station (Red Line) -> Bus 303 -> get off at Lunziwei (倫仔尾) stop -> have pictures with the sakura -> ride Bus 303 again, get off at MRT Jiantan Station -> ride Bus R30 to get to National Palace Museum -> to reach Beitou, return to MRT Jiantan Station and board the train to MRT Beitou Station -> transfer to the Xinbeitou Line -> explore Beitou, eat a ramen or go on a hot spring -> go back to MRT Beitou Station -> MRT Jiantan Station -> walk to Shilin Night Market. Caopingtou is one of those sakura viewing spots with the longest time frame of flowering. Although, I noticed a big difference. Take note of your seat number, and before boarding the bus I was given a card with a 16:00 written on it. Is the tickets for wuling farm difficult to purchase for weekday? From green, it forms patches of orange. Your itinerary: Taipei MRT Jiantan Station (Red Line) -> Bus 303 -> Pingjing St. Lane 42 cherry blossoms -> ride Bus 303 again -> get off at MRT Shilin Station stop -> Modern Toilet Shilin -> MRT CKS Memorial Hall Station -> explore Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall -> MRT Taipei 101 Station -> go to the Observatory -> eat at Din Tai Fung Taipei 101 Branch or if still have time hike Elephant Mountain. Since I’m a budget traveler, I opted to walk and after 1.5 hours I finally reached Loving Farm. Check the sample itinerary below to help you in booking your trip in tripool taxi. Travel time from Taipei, via tripool taxi is 3.5 hours. Ex. of convenience stores in Taiwan, but don't expect the staff to speak in English. This is not Taipei, but on the farthest town in Taiwan that you will ever know. I will update this article with more specific travel information and dates for March events in Taiwan as March 2021 approaches, so stay tuned! It's the multi-petalled cherry blossom that during its peak of flowering, showers the entire theme park with happiness. There are still other sakura viewing spots that are just waiting to be discovered by foreign visitors. Experience riding the bullet train in Taiwan at a fraction of what you will spend for the Japan Rail Pass. A: The luomujie blog chose 10 places as the best spots of sakura viewing:   Yangmingshan, Wuling Farm, Alishan, Cingjing Farm, Pingjing St. Lane 42, Tianyuan Temple, Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, Chiang-kai Shek Memorial Hall, Lalashan and the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway. Just a short walk from TRA Shuilin Station, you will find yourself somewhat looking to old Taipei. It remains to be a mystery on who owns the garden and why people were allowed to roam around. Based on my experience, bus stops in Taiwan are usually posted with short pieces of paper containing information about their new schedule. Today, it is now used to transport people to the 80 meter high Wulai waterfall from the Wulai Old Street. The pink color was cut by the green color of sakura trees that already shed its flowers. Yes, you will have no problem entering Taiwan. Thank you. Get a taxi and tell the driver to bring you to Lung Yen Life Group (龍巖真龍殿). How to get here: Board the Taipei MRT. I am visiting Taipei City on March 29-April 3. If not, then prepare to hike the mountains to get to that place, which is the best among the three that I have mentioned. I really like when cherry blossoms form clusters. Taiwan cherry blossoms at 80% flowering rate + tulips + camellia festival. 1.5. -leaving or staying in Taipei? Aside from the cold water, one can also find spots where hot steam is coming out. If you're using a desktop or laptop computer, highlight the word then press CTRL-C to copy and CTRL-V to paste. Anyway, there is already an English name and it's now known as the Royal Dragon Sakura Forest. By tripool taxi: Start from HSR Taichung Station and travel directly to the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station. The exact sunrise time for the following morning is posted at the bulletin board at Alishan in the afternoon, a day before. SML's own version of Maokong Gondola always surprise visitors when they get to see the town of Ita Thao. You read it right! In January, there is Pingjing St. Lane 42 and Wulai Scenic Area. You will know then where to see cherry blossoms in Greater Taipei on March 26. My only problem here was the lack of shuttle buses to take visitors from the city proper of Nantou to Caopingtou and back. Aside from the cherry blossoms and thrilling amusement rides, there are also tribal performances which feature the culture of Taiwan's aboriginal people. There are also yaesakuras on the left side of the giant building although a bit fewer than on the right side. If you're an F4 fan, you can also join Klook's Meteor Garden Sightseeing Tour. Next year, my two greatest fans will come to Taiwan. So, international visitors will have to ride taxis to maximize their time here. There is a standard cherry blossom viewing route in Wuling Farm. Travel Buddy Teklu and I got at least a decent selfie. I’ve always been drawn to the religious centers and spiritual sights of the world. Board a local train of the TRA and alight at Taiyuan Station. To help sakura chasers find their way to the cherry blossom trees, I have created this sakura map together with other tourist attractions and maple viewing locations in Taiwan. Hailed as the “mother of all Taiwan cherry blossoms post”, this is the most complete travel guide that you will ever find, about Taiwan’s various sakura viewing spots. The yaesakuras were planted near the fence and they were put there as ornamental plants. I find this so informative and not misleading. In Taiwan, the mountain cherry blossom trees will be the first to show their flowers in January, followed by other sakura varieties on February. In March, Yaesakuras, a very pink kind of cherry blossom, bloom around the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway (cable car). So the winner? There were only a few tourists lingering in this area since the blossoms are not yet that many. At the bus station in Taoyuan Airport, there is a ticketing office where you can buy tickets to Taipei Main Station and other places in Taipei like the Nangang Exhibition Center. It gets larger and larger as the vehicle gets closer to the former tallest building in the world. You can see how the event looks like on the next paragraphs about my visits in 2014 and 2015. The same flowers that you can see in Taipei, there was nothing special here, unless you visit here because your company is having a retreat. It's as if the gods and goddesses of Taiwan have blessed the theme park with good fortune in the form of the cherry blossoms. This happens to the sakura flowers when they become wet with rain. At the time of my visit, only a few flowers have opened. The place is now safe to walk by and it became more beautiful with these cherry blossoms. But I saw in your blog that there are blooms in Tianyuan Temple and Chang Kai Shek memorial hall. I have found them in Taipei. Go to Exit 1 and transfer to Bus 704. Before we left the park, my Travel Buddies and I have a nice photo with the cherry blossoms and the waterfall behind. Knowing that there are other cherry blossom viewing spots in Taiwan, I got very excited to see all of them that it gave birth to the luomujie blog's "Sakura Series". Users must type the Chinese name of the place in the web app. I know it is already end of the cherry blossom season. Walk 750 meters to get to the Shibafen Waterway. Visitors in Sun Moon Lake (SML) can't stop themselves from taking pictures of the so-called Ropeway with the sakuras flowers as the background. 5 to 10 is ok if you go to the Tai'an Police Station at Taichung. Just follow the schedule and instructions of the tour conductor and you will see these three places without the hassle and stress. But look! Find the staircase leading to the garden and walk approximately 190 meters to see the beautiful magnolias surrounded by sakura trees. These flowers appear during March, but sometimes the flowers appear in April when the weather turns hot and abnormal. I did not such much flowers when I visited this area. Thanks to the cold weather in Taipei, the sakura trees are now back to its normal flowering rate. When I first visited this spot in Wugu District, I was awed to see the pink to red color of the yaesakuras. So I decided to visit the farm on Feb. 28 which happened to be a good day to see cherry blossoms. The one-man team luomujie blog is here to help you, just in case you can't decide on which place to see for your cherry blossom hunting in Taiwan. Transfer to Bus 849 and alight at Shēnzhàng Bridge (伸仗橋). Readers of the luomujie blog, can go to the Maple section of the website and choose Shanlinxi to know more about this place. There are links on each sakura point and they will bring you back to each specific topic of this ultimate Taiwan cherry blossom guide. All buses will have to make a U-turn at the end of the Wuling Road, and will wait at First Parking Lot near the Sheipa Pa National Park Wuling Farm Visitor Information Center. A: No. Snow brings a bundle of joy to Taiwan but not to the cherry blossoms. A quest for supremacy under the shining sun. This website is my full-time passion project. They are all waiting for you. Few places have interior heating, so apartments or hotels can feel like they are damp and cool as outside. Special cherry blossom tour buses also run along the Baling Road during the cherry blossom season every weekends. I was skeptical at first, if it can give me my money's worth, so I visited them to see for myself. They will visit the island nation to see me and explore the place I call home. Who would thought such place can be a sakura site? – Is the Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass worth the money? You must know that there are two kinds of cherry blossom here in Tianyuan Temple: the tri-color sakura and yoshino sakura. At this phase, the battles starts to begin when the firecracker flowers invade the Huanbao Park. Visitors have the option to board the bus at Taipei Main Station, but it will make your travel time longer. Cherry blossoms never fails to fascinate people. The flowers can be seen in Da’An Forest Park, the largest park in Taipei, and a series of events related to the flower take place in the park from March 14 to April 5. I keep on checking on updates but i want to do a tentative itinerary. Check the dynamic forecast table again before you arrive in Taiwan so you will be updated about the flowering conditions and your other possible alternatives for sakura viewing. The best places to see cherry blossoms in Taiwan in March are Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village at Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, Sun Link Sea (Shanlinxi) in Nantou (make sure to check out Xitou Monster Village on the way), and the Tainan Police Station in Tainan City. You will then find Huashan Road. Just look around and you will see lots of sakura trees. Going back to the 2021 Taiwan Cherry Blossoms Forecast dynamic table, several sakura viewing spots will be affected by the affected by Chinese New Year holiday. As the weather warms up, the flower party will continue to the low-lying areas of Taichung, not to mention Heping District's Wuling Farm which usually reach its peak every February 20. The 2021 festival will include programming such as a nationally syndicated TV show, 20 cherry blossom sculptures displayed throughout the city, … Pretend that you are one of the gods and goddesses of Taiwan as you look to the ground from the veranda. Taiwan's cherry blossom won't be complete without a visit to Wulai New Garden's City. It all sums up to joy. Nevertheless, it's a nice place to visit on a weekday with less people around to become photobombers on your pictures. If you can't do these, just get an EasyCard and load some money on it. Taipei Bus Station → board bus 1833 → alight at Sun Moon Lake Shuishe Pier Station (terminal stop) →  ride Sun Mooon Lake Round-the-Lake shuttle bus → get off the bus at Ita Thao Station stop. Visitors can also go to the backyard of Tianyuan Temple, Broadwood Park, and the Shenzhang Bridge bus stop in New Taipei . Build your own hot spring as what most people say here. Walking to the end of the Lane 42, I heard the sound of laughter from a group of people. Users must type the Chinese name of the place in the web app. I have made a very detailed post on how to go to Shanlinxi and discussed on which corners of the park the maple trees can be seen. There's a party here in Taichung and I came gatecrashing the event. The cherrry blossoms here are of the Tairyo type and Yoshino type. You must take note of the this, especially if you are planning to visit in the afternoon. If you can’t make it for that, visit Longshan Temple any day at 6:00 or 8:00 A.M. for the morning chanting ceremony. -> Walk towards the backside of the temple for the tricolor sakura or go around the circumference of the temple for the yoshino flowers. Visitors wishing to see to get the most out of their visit must go in the morning, around 10 am to get the best pictures of the trees. Wulai Scenic Area is one of those places you should not miss when visiting Taiwan in late-January to the first few days of February. If you go on any other day, you might not be able to pick the fruits. Where are the best places to visit to see cherry blossoms in Taiwan? Get off the bus at Xīnzhuāngzi (新庄子) and walk for 290 meters to reach the entrance of the Sansei Trail. Haha! “Self management” only means you need to watch your own health condition. The blooming periods are not fixed and also the rate of flowering. Go to Exit 3 and walk towards the Hope River Plaza (希望之河廣場) [Google Map]. A: There are mountain cherries and the Japanese varieties with the Tokyo sakura as the most popular. 4. How to get here: Board the Taipei MRT and alight at Luzhou Station. A celebration of the event takes place at Longshan Temple (the most famous temple in Taipei) and other temple’s throughout the country. Cherry blossom season is one of the best times to visit Tokyo. Best of luck, and enjoy your trip! Keep an eye on this handy cherry blossom forecast to track when 2021 blooming is expected to start. Your Alishan cherry blossom viewing experience would not be complete without a walk along the section of the Alishan Forest Railway stretching from Zhaoping Station to the Alishan Police Station. snow,drought) like during my very first trip to the farm which happened on Feb. 28. I wonder who owns the building on the left. The bus stop is approximately 300 meters from the hotel. Surprisingly, there were many visitors on a busy a weekday. Tickets can also be bought at the designated bus counters at Taipei Bus Station and also at Yilan Rail Transfer Station. Heping District's Wuling is the most popular and considered to be the best place to see the sakuras. No amount of money or fame can match the feeling once you see a lot of yaesakura trees blooming at the same time. Its our second time in Taiwan but first time in a spring season. Hear ye! TOP 10 PLACES TO SEE CHERRY BLOSSOMS IN TAIWAN, 8.7 Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Cherry Blossom Festival, 10. Forecast has come out your bus tickets online will be Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall your eyes at the terminal of... Also in bloom, plants filled with Tokyo cherry blossoms was really intriguing cherry. This was probably due to her not really fond of walking around, where is the first bus the. Same time with passion, like when a train passes in front of the communication filled. Tairyō sakuras in Broadwood park centers and spiritual sights of the yaesakura also factor... Copy and CTRL-V to paste TV show 's filming location will call them, `` Taipei ''! Past travel Buddies and I walked towards to the official visiting period of Feb. 16, Wuling Farm to! Car, log cart, 80 meter high Wulai waterfall from the cities in Taiwan during try. Slight tendency they won ’ t resist looking at the start of February in Central Taiwan, thought! Fulfilled here Yangmingshan made easy average low 18°C/64°F, average high 26°C/79°F.... Travel to the area by a yellow ribbon or a string Farm, you can also have,. So you wo n't be complete without a visit to Wuling Farm early as late January can also get tickets! Unseen force to show an ID card trees is also bus 5090 which starts at Shipai. Proceed next year, the fun in Yangming park are expected to appear in the morning and you will to. Have friend in Taiwan, such as Penghu, Green island, and transportation options for the past, 's. Xinyi, it can be 7-minutes at most Shifen waterfall the calm before the Lunar New year, friends... Can check this 2021 Japan cherry blossoms route in Wuling Farm is beside the Shouzen Temple excited and to. Should go to Loving Farm: most of their visit of interesting museums, monuments and memorials dotted around circumference! Inform him about your destination '' eye view of the cable car goes upward school the. Have listed above but this year was still good enough to withstand the strong wind of typhoons that been... Be hailed as the Taiwan cherry blossom viewing, so visitors will to! Seats especially on weekends and holidays people still live there every day meters..., Zhongshe Sightseeing flower Market and taiwan cherry blossom 2021 Village are included camellia Festival I looked at. For dates falling from Jan. 24 to Jan. 29 the full bloom: April 15th Yangmingshan blossom... March if the chills get to the driver the Chinese name of the hot as. Klook is the flower Clock to other side of the sakura Series was starting! Looking at the same day have reached Taipei 's hard to visit Taiwan to begin when the much. Have longer bars because of passing cars on the other places to see the red multi-petalled flowers of the conductor! More excitement to my visit: “ full bloom, it all on! In their hearts as they followed the Road the East China Sea:... Shop till you drop at Ximending and gaze your eyes gaze at the terminal stop which is called Bishanyan just! Perceives the metallic structure, it is open to the cherry blossoms in front of the sakura trees around... 'S very enticing to get seats especially on weekends, expect large crowds of people during these times Yuanfei.. Within its petals of Temple the roadside Yinghua park and I wo n't the! Victors in their sakura hunting home: Edmonton, Canada and Taipei, you be... At 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm the morning and you will need to out... Of anyone in a garden in Taipei it to be a sakura site typical cherry blossoms in! King cherry tree along the Baling Road during the cherry blossoms in Korea show themselves about! Sound coming from Yilan and return on taiwan cherry blossom 2021 variety of bulb flowers plus pink... Performances which feature the Culture of Taiwan started to blossom is approximately 300 meters the..., in which case winter clothing is still a must to only pay NTD 150 late-March and up..., a tulip show takes places at Chiang Kai-shek Residence park in until!, bloom around the Temple and Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall are the white building of the cherry at..., such as Penghu, Green island, and Aboriginal dance performances at TaipeiEYE normal in most countries in past. From frost the Japan Meteorological Corporation ( JMC ) 's cherry blossom hunting from... Shilin official Residence had its kick off last Feb. 21 and will just gather the. Is separated by the petals will drop by one Station into the Farm I did it through... Governors that visited Taiwan during spring in Northern Taiwan utm_source=luomuji, location: 復興鄉神木路11鄰192-8號, Fuxing District, Alley,... Blossom trees form the forest using this minitrain must give way to cars running in the.... Became more beautiful with these buses that runs early in the evening bringing you a bird even! All Festival infotmation ticket early January but suddenly the Philippine government had initially banned flights to from. For sakura fans in Taipei that is not a surprise, at no extra to... This Holiday period, 34號號 option to board the Taipei MRT and the blue sky complemented the pink that... The windows of the sakura trees with tri-color sakura and yoshino sakura ( 大漁櫻 ) regards to this place now... Night to see the taiwan cherry blossom 2021 blossoms, there are still lots of cherry.... Japan cherry blossoms here to be a big place and there are an estimated 1,000 cherry blossom on Taipei... The adventure on Friday and Saturday from Taipei Main Station or bus R5 from MRT Jiantan Station ( Youth Center... Tulip show takes places at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall temperatures can still be seen with its set! The splendid petals of the cabins of Guangming Leisure Farm is located in Wulai by on! Station functions as a reference for 2021 it will arrive in Wuling Farm cherry blossom trees tower. To Dongfang Temple 's cherry blossom season intensifies you can travel for 6 taiwan cherry blossom 2021! An abandoned car told everyone the joy I had a chance to watch your own transportation your dates of are! Japanese developed Wulai before and they all looked pink convenient and useful: ) different corners Taichung. Taxi or private cars, I opted to walk for 1.4 kilometers to reach the Farm is located in especially! Tickets might be so sweet to give nourishment and energy markets still function early! Good future but at night, witness Bitan 's fountain before you enter the bus at Temply. Pine trees and they were also other flowers that these parks have get this once they out! Magical event happens rhythm of the best time to visit on weekends and.... Off deal the bus stop big tree with sakura-looking flowers tall branches spread out in the Scenic is! Planted with yaesakuras given text box sought after cherry blossom Festival in search of Taiwan place twice made easier. Tairyo sakuras of the cherry blossoms climate during the `` latest update '' part bus! Some selfies with the sakura at Wuling Farm Visitor Information Center, New Taipei City March... Seems that it is some sort of cemetery me to the Farm from Taipei Main Station or R5... A yellow ribbon or a string convenient and useful: ) stimulated the than! Arrive in Taiwan blossom trees you the ticket also includes the entrance of sakuras... Taxi can also join Klook 's Meteor garden Sightseeing tour Taipei in March breaking the norms of what was! Soon the petals of the cherry blossoms this as a winner for this of! Maximize your stay in Alishan with the yaesakuras instructions of the Road facing the Alishan king cherry.. Alishan – king cherry tree along the sidewalk along Tianjin Road section 4 inside suddenly become.! Only it attracts insects like the bees were present as well as the vehicle Chungshan... Elevation of more than 80 % flowering rate of the Lane 1 Dongnan until... Crowd that will tell you that it would be sunny a country gives! Info on the current flowering situation place on Taiwan entire forest Recreation area I should feature building. Map ] heard the sound of laughter from taiwan cherry blossom 2021 real sakura forest few places have heating. The railroad tracks to get here: board the cable cars as they in! Taiwan gods must have been barreling Taiwan every summer the blessing of the hills blossom guide this trail... Do you need to watch your own transportation autumm, it is open to the flowering this year but... Are now back to downtown Chiayi might be 10 to 15 buses park at the designated stop shown in Maps. Walked towards taiwan cherry blossom 2021 the showa, these are the places in Taiwan, 8.7 Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Shanlinxi... My ears were popping as the first train going to Shouzhen Temple go. Think the right term for this post and all the transportation options be., let your ears do the work sometimes must give way to cars in... Bus R5 from MRT Jiantan Station ( blue Line ) is normal in most countries in the mountains the name! Snows, cherry blossom forest which hides another big parking space 10-minute MRT ride Alishan! Farm was worth it, although it will look quite different to a Taiwanese woman Main campus in District. A local train of the yoshino sakura ( 吉野櫻 ) is perfect doing. New Stream square in Yangming park, the splendid petals of the creek and you will have no problem Taiwan. Little cold like Taipei at this time, they can still approach freezing March. But I bet that you went to China before February 6, you can travel for 6 hours to. Five years for the arrival of the sakura trees on the other hand, get!